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The Stories page provides simple access to Sharing on Social Media and provides a blog/content outline with images and photos to help in creating and sharing content. The Social Media icons below include customized sharing links tracking what you do on these social channels. Add your custom sharing messages in box below a) The URL you are sending visits to b) The Title Header content and c) The share description. Once completed when you share, the custom messaging will appear consistently as you share out your messaging.

For Instagram and SnapChat, we have provided specific URL’s you can add manually to the Instagram page header and to SnapChat Messages.

Please use these social media icons to share:

Write your blog and Copy & Paste HTML to your own blog

When you're done editing your content, save it and click on the <> icon to grab the code to drop into your blog

Turn Over a New Leaf 31 Day Challenge Outline

Objective: Grow Chopped Leaf official social profiles (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) either by participating and sharing your own journey to Turn Over a New Leaf or by promoting the Challenge to your followers. 


  • 500 total new followers across all platforms
  • 50 total entries for the grand prize
  • 300 total daily entries for each social post
  • 10,000 impressions of webpage (

We have contacted 10 influencers across Canada to team up on this campaign. If it helps you to have individual goals, here are averages you can aim toward:

  • 50 new followers total across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter per influencer
  • 5 entries for the grand prize per influencer
  • 30 daily entries (i.e. responses to our posts) per influencer
  • 1000 visits to the website (choppedleaf./ca31days) per influencer

How will you keep track?

Please note you must use the influencer portal to share out your blog or social posts, as this allows us to track the visits you’re driving to the website so we can attribute hard #s to your individual campaigning. At the end of the campaign, we do evaluate the traction you gained. You are also able to measure these visits in the Measure Tab.

What kind of posts can you make?

You decide when to post and what to post. These are the calls to action that are valuable to us for this campaign.

Announce and promote the Challenge in week of Dec 26th and starting January 1st

  • Drive your followers to follow Chopped Leaf social profiles
  • Drive your followers to share their goals and progress with email to or comment on for grand prize
  • Drive your followers to engage with daily posts for $15 gift card daily giveaway

Share your own goals and progress alongside Chopped Leaf’s challenge.

  • Encourage your followers to share their own goals on CL social media profiles (we will post an ask on Dec. 31st)
  • Share your own progress throughout the month and encourage your followers to follow CL social profiles or visit for daily tips too.

What’s in it for your followers?:

  1. Participation in a campaign that genuinely wants to shape positive changes in their lives in fitness, health, diet, lifestyle balance.
  2. Daily chances to win a gift card to Chopped Leaf
  3. Opportunity to share their own Turn Over a New Leaf story by end of January for a chance to win our grand prize worth $2500 ($1000 Chopped Leaf gift card, a one-year membership to any GoodLife Fitness locations across Canada, a spa gift certificate and wellness package)

Influencers, you will be using this URL in your blog posts to send your readers/followers to our website: (this link should go in your blog to direct visitors to the Chopped Leaf page).

Suggested video footage and content: (coming soon)